Children throughout the ages have been the brunt of cruel jokes such as being called “Dumbo” or “all ears” when their ears stick prominently. This cruelty can be traumatizing and can result in insecurity well into adulthood.

Maybe you have more in common with some Hollywood celebrities such as Jennifer Garner and Kate Hudson who like to highlight their imperfections instead of hiding them. If so you’ll certainly prefer to keep your ears as they are. If, on the other hand, you are self conscious, you may be a perfect candidate for otoplasty no matter your age.

Otoplasty is a very simple corrective surgery for prominent ears and can be successfully performed on children as young as six years old, when the ear is about 80% or more fully grown. Recovery time is minimal and the results are permanent.

If you’ve even been the brunt of the cruel jokes and you can help your child avoid that kind of trauma, seek out a reputable plastic surgeon. Get references of children your child’s age that do not mind being contacted. This can help your child’s comfort level.

If you’ve heard all the names and are tired of living with having to pull your hair over your ears or wearing hats or scarves to conceal your ears, consider otoplasty for yourself. It will do wonders for your confidence and you can pull your hair up or back behind perfect size ears.

Always look for a Board Certified surgeon who has experience with otoplasty. Also finding a sureon who offers Vectra 3D Imaging System as part of the consultation will give you a preview of how you can look post surgery. It’s time to let your confidence show.


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