When men choose to investigate liposuction, it's usually to address specific areas of their bodies that they know could look better. These often include the chest, neck, love handles/flanks, and abdomen. Though the process is the same as liposuction for women, the skin of men tends to take better to the new contour.

Targeting Tough To Treat Areas With Liposuction For Men

When you can specifically target tough-to-tone areas with nearly invisible incisions, it’s easy to understand why men would look to enjoy access to some of these cosmetic procedures. Client success, in turn, sparks its acceptance, normalization, and now exponential growth within the male segment of the population. 

Whether it’s simply an ongoing issue, a target area you’ve worked hard to refine but have yet to enjoy the results you’ve envisioned, or maybe you have a larger issue that could simply use some slimming, reach out to us today. It all starts with a visit to our beautiful, state-of-the-art Portland, Maine center and your initial consultation with Dr. Gardenier.  

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Liposuction For Men’s Belly

Why only carry a four-pack, when it could be eight? As one might imagine, one of the most often complained about areas on a man’s body is the belly. The stomach or abdominal area, in general, is often a center of focus, and even frustration for men that work hard to stay fit and look great. Stubborn belly fat or those ‘love handles’ don’t tend to support the vision most men have of themselves. So if those areas of issue can safely be addressed, and permanently sculpted, resulting in a mirror reflection that more accurately portrays one’s developed, personal vision—why wouldn’t you realize that option?

Liposuction For Men’s Love Handles

The treatment of ‘love handles’ is often an area of concern and can be very difficult to address strictly through diet and exercise. And yes, we do joke about them, but they can be a point of ire and personal frustration- often, simply because they are so hard to address through a physical regime.

Thankfully, those love handles are usually great candidates for liposuction. This particular area of the waist tends to be quite elastic and responsive to not only the procedure itself but the healing process as well, allowing the skin to tighten to your newly contoured waistline. 

Chin Liposuction For Men; A Face Redefined

This popular procedure is less involved than a full neck lift. As with other liposuction procedures, small, discreetly placed incisions are made and the troubling fat is safely removed. Normally, this outpatient procedure is performed under general anesthetic. The results can be quite pleasing. When the weighted drawing on the face is relieved by having the double chin removed, a much more buoyant and youthful appearance is enjoyed by all (especially the patient). This procedure can also address the look of a ‘weak jawline’ without the need for implants.

The reduction of fat helps the appearance of the face in two fundamental ways:

  • The first is the volume of fat in the face that is removed. 
  • The second being the tissue tightening to the newly sculpted surface. 

This is achieved with a few days of applied compression bandages, which support the skin in adhering to the newly shaped jawline. Once the procedure has been performed and the face has fully healed, the results can be stunning, and quite pleasing.

This is especially true since there are few ways to achieve this desired look, outside of the procedure. Additionally, since this is the face, it’s an issue that tends to be more difficult to ignore (or hide).

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Enjoying The Benefits Of Male Liposuction

There are a good number of points that liposuction can address. Here are a few worth mentioning:

  • Elimination of fat deposits
  • Better body definition
  • Increased returns on areas exercised
  • Look and feel better
  • Reduction in overall weight 

Liposuction’s aim is to remove troublesome, fatty deposits- especially in areas that are nearly impossible to target through exercise and/or diet. Additionally, it will help uncover and define those areas that you have worked on- making those returns so much more satisfying. There can be a subsequent, or ‘trickle-down’ effect on the individual as well. Once those troublesome areas are addressed, the individual can be inspired to realize even greater gains from their exercise and healthful journey.

While it’s nice that nature has provided us with a ready store of energy, in case of starvation, it’s also great that science has advanced to the point where we just don’t need to carry that weight around, and frankly, we look better without it.

Liposuction can certainly help ‘level up’ what otherwise might be seen as a point of uncomfortable stasis in your physicality—allowing your best self to shine through.  How do you prefer to present to the world?

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What About The Recovery Period For Male Liposuction?

Under normal circumstances, male liposuction takes approximately six weeks. However, for your final results to shine through, that could take from three to six months in total. Usually, for the first few days, and depending on your targeted area, you will need to wear a compression bandage, or garment. This is important, as it supports the skin adhering to the new surface area. As far as pain management is concerned, you can expect moderate pain and soreness which is manageable with medication.

Who Are Good CandidatesFor Male Liposuction?

  • Men within 30% of their ideal body weight
  • Individuals who do not have any medical conditions that would interfere with the procedure or healing
  • Nonsmokers
  • Men who have decent to good muscle tone
  • Skin with observable elasticity
  • Men with a positive mindset and goals for their appearance
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When You’re Ready To Tackle Those Tough To Treat Areas

Go ahead and reach out for a consultation with Dr. Gardenier today and enjoy the process of not only having your questions clearly answered, but in knowing you’re working with some of the very best in the profession.

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More About Dr. Gardenier:

Dr. Gardenier is a Harvard-Trained Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He's held residencies and fellowships at some of the most noteworthy medical institutions on the east coast. This has produced published work in leading scientific journals, which has led to patented breakthroughs for cancer survivors. If you'd like to know more, please visit his profile page

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