Smooth, Hair-Free Skin Is Here

At Maine Plastic Surgery, we are proud to announce the addition of a groundbreaking technology to our suite of aesthetic services: the Astanza ReSmooth laser hair removal system. Designed with a unique blend of speed, precision, and effectiveness, the ReSmooth system provides exceptional comfort and safety throughout treatment. Your journey toward smoother, softer, and hair-free skin has never been more inviting!

Experience Superior Technology With Astanza ReSmooth

It’s time to trade cumbersome and time-consuming hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, or plucking for long-lasting, hair-free skin. Some key features that set Astanza ReSmooth apart from other laser hair removal devices include:

High-Powered Diode Technology

ReSmooth uses innovative, high-powered diode technology to deliver fast and effective results. As a result of using shorter pulse durations combined with advanced skin-cooling systems, the device can quickly cover large body areas while minimizing discomfort. You'll experience a smoother and more comfortable session with extraordinary results, making it the ideal choice for sensitive skin types.

Diverse Wavelengths

The Astanza ReSmooth offers a mixture of powerful 810 nm and 940 nm wavelengths. This unique combination allows efficient and effective treatment of all skin types and hair colors. The dual wavelength system ensures optimal absorption of light energy by the follicles while preserving the surrounding skin, giving you optimal results.

Customizable Treatments

No two individuals share the same skin and hair characteristics, which is why the ReSmooth system is designed to accommodate a range of treatment options. With adjustable spot sizes and pulse modes, we can tailor your treatment to your needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort.

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Benefits And Results

Astanza ReSmooth offers exceptional benefits and long-lasting results for your hair removal goals. These advantages are direct consequences of their innovative technology and design and include the following:

  • Efficiency and Speed: ReSmooth features a large spot size, which allows for the efficient treatment of larger areas, such as your legs or back. This remarkable feature helps reduce the time spent per session, enabling you to achieve smoother skin in less time conveniently.
  • Suitable for All Skin Tones: The versatility of the dual-wavelength mechanism enables the ReSmooth laser to safely and effectively remove hair from a wide range of skin tones and types.
  • Painless and Comfortable: The advanced "SmoothPulse" technology in this laser system ensures a virtually painless experience during the procedure. The integrated skin cooling system additionally guarantees comfort and safety throughout the treatment.
  • Precise Treatment: Advanced German engineering ensures optimum accuracy and precision during the procedure, targeting unwanted hair and leaving the surrounding skin unharmed.

Astanza ReSmooth Transformation

The following table highlights the key differences you can expect after choosing the Astanza ReSmooth laser hair removal treatment:

Before Treatment

  • Unwanted hair in various body areas
  • Frequent, time-consuming hair removal methods
  • Painful or uncomfortable hair removal experiences

After Treatment

  • Significantly reduced hair growth
  • Longer periods of smooth, hair-free skin
  • A virtually painless and comfortable procedure
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Candidates For Laser Hair Removal

Ideal candidates for the ReSmooth laser hair removal include individuals who:

  • Have a desire for permanent hair reduction
  • Possess dark, coarse hair and lighter skin tones
  • Have no underlying health conditions or skin issues that may interfere with the treatment
  • Are committed to attending multiple treatment sessions for optimal results
  • Understand and follow pre- and post-treatment care instructions

In contrast, two factors make you unsuitable:

  • Pregnancy: This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, as the effects of laser hair removal on unborn babies remain untested.
  • Active skin conditions or infections: Individuals with rashes, eczema, or other skin disorders may not be appropriate candidates for this procedure.

Ultimately, the best way to determine if Astanza ReSmooth is right for you is to schedule a consultation with Maine Plastic Surgery. We’ll evaluate your medical history, current health conditions, and desired results to create a tailored plan for your unique needs. A patch test may determine your skin's reaction to the laser, and you will be scheduled for your first appointment after successful consultation and patch testing.

Laser Hair Removal Process

Once at your appointment, you'll be welcomed into a comfortable and soothing environment. The treatment areas will be prepped by cleansing and shaving if necessary. Protective eyewear will be provided for both you and your practitioner.

The Astanza ReSmooth laser utilizes advanced technology, delivering targeted energy to the hair follicles while keeping your skin safe and protected. As the laser passes over your skin, you can expect to feel a mild sensation similar to snapping a rubber band. After the session, some redness or slight swelling may occur, but these are temporary and will subside within a few hours to a day.

Your personalized treatment plan may involve several sessions over a few months. The optimal number of treatments can vary depending on hair growth cycle, color, and density. Rest assured, with each successive treatment, you'll notice a visible reduction in hair growth, leaving you with smooth, touchable skin.

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It's essential to properly care for your skin to ensure the best results and a smooth recovery. The following aftercare recommendations will help maintain healthy, rejuvenated skin:

  • Protect your skin by avoiding direct sun exposure for at least two weeks after your treatment. Use a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen when going outdoors.
  • Cleanse the treated area gently with a mild soap and cool water twice daily. Avoid using hot water and harsh cleansing products.
  • Keep your skin well-hydrated by applying a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizer. This will soothe your skin and prevent dryness.
  • Refrain from using makeup, fragrances, or other irritants in the treated area for 72 hours.
  • Avoid heat treatments such as hot showers, saunas, and steam rooms for at least 48 hours.
  • Avoid exercise, swimming, or any activities that cause excessive sweating for at least 24 hours.
  • Do not tweeze, wax, or use depilatory creams on the treated area during your laser hair removal sessions.
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Why Choose Maine Plastic Surgery For Astanza ReSmooth Laser Hair Removal?

At Maine Plastic Surgery, our team of experienced and skilled professionals is specially trained in utilizing the Astanza ReSmooth laser system, ensuring a safe, effective, and comfortable treatment. Our clinic is designed to create a soothing and luxurious atmosphere where you can feel at ease while receiving top-of-the-line treatment. Book a consultation with us today and begin your journey towards smooth, hair-free skin!

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