Diamond Glow is an ideal skin rejuvenation treatment that’s both nonsurgical and pain-free — and requires no downtime. Even better, it’s incredibly versatile and astoundingly effective. Dark spots, discoloration and wrinkles can all be whisked away and replaced with healthy, glowing and radiant skin that feels as good as it looks.

What Is Diamond Glow?

Diamond Glow is a versatile cosmetic treatment that incorporates 3 powerful techniques into 1 treatment: Exfoliation, Extraction, and Infusion.

  • Exfoliation: A special precision diamond tip exfoliates your skin and removes any dead skin cells as well as impurities that are clogging your pores.
  • Extraction: High-powered suction vacuums out from deep within your skin’s surface and pores any debris, makeup residue, and impurities.
  • Infusion: When the skin is perfectly cleansed and cleared of impurities, it’s then infused with healthy doses of professionally-calibrated SkinMedica® serums.

Diamond Glow is also a very personalized treatment. One of our expert aestheticians will calibrate the Diamond Glow exfoliation tip as well as all serums specifically according to your skin quality, your skin conditions, and your cosmetic goals. After getting familiar with your own skin type we’ll then curate the ideal cocktail of SkinMedica® serums. These serums are tailored to your own cosmetic goals, whether they be to brighten your skin, reduce the size and appearance of your pores, or to get an infusion of vitamins and healthy hydration for an overall improvement in looks and luster.

Skinmedica’s Special Serums For Diamond Glow

There are four unique SkinMedica Serums available for use in your Diamond Glow treatments. Should you or your aesthetician feel you need more than one serum, any number of them can be used alone or in combination with the other 3.

At each treatment session, more of the same serum can be used, or a new one can be selected to gradiently improve the health, quality and vibrancy of your skin. Here are the SkinMedica serums used in Diamond Glow:

  • Brightening: A SkinMedica serum to help you get a smoother and more even skin tone
  • Pore Clarifying: A SkinMedica serum for skin rejuvenation, with retinol infusion
  • Ultra Hydrating: A SkinMedica serum for smooth supple skin, with advanced hydration
  • Vitamin C: A SkinMedica serum to fight the signs of aging or unhealthy skin
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Where Can I Get Diamond Glow?

Diamond Glow is primarily used as a treatment for the face, but as it’s so versatile and effective,

 Many of our patients enjoy Diamond Glow on other parts of the body as well:

  • The face
  • The neck and decolletage
  • The chest and back
  • And other soft-tissue trouble areas

What Diamond Glow Treats

  • Dull or lackluster skin
  • Fine lines and mild to moderate wrinkles
  • Skin roughness
  • Dryness and discoloration
  • Pigmented spots
  • Textural irregularities

The Benefits Of Diamond Glow

Diamond Glow gives patients a significant improvement in the health, quality and glow of their skin. Some of its specific tangible benefits include

  • Smoother and more supple facial skin
  • Reduction of hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Infusion of skin enriching serums
  • Deep, careful cleaning of your pores and reducing their size and appearance
  • Removal of dead and dying skin cells for a brighter and more vibrant complexion
  • Clearing away any rough, dry or flaky skin
  • Increased hydration and nourishment
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Am I A Good Candidate For Diamond Glow?

If you would like to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, acne spots and the most common signs of aging, Diamond Glow is likely a great fit for you. Diamond Glow is safe and suitable for all skin types and most skin conditions. Diamond Glow doesn’t include chemical exfoliants, and each step of the procedure is carefully calibrated to your own concerns and skin needs. Patients with sensitive skin are also great candidates for Diamond Glow.

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How Many Diamond Glow Treatments Will I Need?

You’ll notice definite improvements immediately after your first Diamond Glow treatment, and for many patients, one treatment may be sufficient. Other patients might require 2 or 3 treatments, but in every case, even the first treatment will produce obvious improvements in the health and appearance of your skin.

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Why Choose Maine Plastic Surgery For Diamond Glow?

Patients from all over Maine come to our surgical center for it’s caring and dedicated staff and cutting-edge cosmetic treatments. Our staff maintains fully up-to-date training and are able to provide you the best in service and safety. If the signs of facial aging are bothering you, let us help you treat them with Diamond Glow!

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