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Get the breasts you desired the first time with skilled breast revision surgery. Breast revision surgery is a complex endeavor, as often there is scar tissue to contend with. But thanks to the intrepid skills of Dr. Gardenier, your breast revision surgery will be handled with elegance, nuance and experience.

Breast Revision Surgery, Maine Plastic Surgery Center & Spa

Breast implants sit in what’s known as capsules, and when these capsules fill with scar tissue that hardens around the implant, it’s known as capsular contracture. This complication can force the implants to shift in their position, or can cause undue discomfort for the patient.

The condition can also be eased by regular massaging of the implants. Lastly, correct sterilized handling of the implants prior to placement can help prevent infection.

Breast Revision Surgery, Maine Plastic Surgery Center & Spa
Breast Revision Surgery, Maine Plastic Surgery Center & Spa

Malposition refers to problems associated with a shift in implant position, either upwards, downwards, or to either side. Dr. Gardenier will attempt to solve these problems non-surgically wherever possible, although this may not always be an option.

High-Resting Implants: When the implant has not properly settled in the capsule, it may end up drifting upwards. It sometimes occurs if a client chooses to wear an underwire bra too early into their recuperation period. Capsular contracture may also force the implants upwards.

Low-Resting Implants: Also known as “bottoming out”, when the breast implants sink downwards, they can severely compromise the whole chest aesthetic. This problem may affect those with larger implants more frequently.

Implants Too Far Apart: When the breast implants have migrated outwards, it can cause an unsightly appearance and self-consciousness for the patient. Dr. Gardenier is well-versed at correcting this issue, and can securely reposition your implants for a more attractive aesthetic.

Implants Too Close Together: Also known as symmastia, this condition occurs when the breast implants migrate to the middle of the chest, causing an awkward appearance. The nipples may face outwards as well. Although symmastia is mostly thought of as a cosmetic flaw, it can also cause discomfort for the patient.


Breast Revision Surgery, Maine Plastic Surgery Center & Spa

Other common reasons for pursuing revision surgery include dissatisfaction with current cup size, a desire to remove the implants completely, and renewing implants that were placed over a decade ago.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Gardenier’s revision techniques, please contact our Portland, Maine offices today to schedule your confidential consultation.

During this initial session, the doctors will examine your breasts, review your surgical details from the primary breast augmentation in Portland procedure, and answer all your questions and concerns in painstaking depth. Knowing you had a bad outcome the first time, Dr. Gardenier is dedicated to providing you with an outstanding client experience that truly meets your needs.

The consultation is an excellent time for you to browse through our library of before and after photography for our breast revision clients. You can also learn more about our practice by visiting our Testimonials page.

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