While you relax, one of our estheticians will often use creams and steam to prepare and then exfoliate your skin. Then your back will be thoroughly and deeply cleaned. During this process, pores will be opened and unclogged, freeing your back from dirt, dead skin, and oil. This process will clear and enliven your back before finally receiving a detoxifying and hydrating mask for your skin that will seal in the benefits and finish your muscle relaxing session.

What Are The Benefits Of Back Facials?

It’s easy to imagine why our backs need and deserve a bit of special attention, after all, they are behind us, rather than facing us directly in the mirror. They also constitute one of the largest swatches of skin on our bodies. 

Some of the benefits of experiencing a back facial, with a trained esthetician, can include:

  • Informational discussion and addressing of any issues
  • Clearing/cleaning your pores through exfoliation
  • Removal of dirt/dead skin/oil
  • Relaxing of your muscles
  • Hydration of your skin

Also, and to be determined, whatever else is recommended by the esthetician for your particular circumstances, needs, and/or wants. Often back facials are associated with a service for people that only have issues with acne. However, certainly, anyone can benefit from a massaging steam-clean, deep exfoliation, and final moisturizing, massaging treatment. 

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Who Are Candidates For Back Facials?

Really anyone can benefit from and enjoy a back facial, so go ahead and book your appointment with Maine Plastic Surgery today. Paying healthful attention to an often neglected part of our bodies feels great, and we deserve that. Though many seek these sessions to treat and alleviate skin conditions that they’re experiencing, but are having a hard time treating themselves. It’s also common that they find it embarrassing to ask their loved ones for help. Even if their partners are willing to help treat skin issues on the back, it’s possible that they could be treating the issues in the wrong manner, which could even exacerbate the existing issue. 

Those facing these types of concerns will benefit the most from sessions with our estheticians. Having a medical professional address whatever issue you’re facing anywhere on your body, is always the best course of action. Maine Plastic Surgery is here to help, by first answering any and all questions you might have about any service, or procedure we offer. Once your appointment is booked, we’ll look forward to seeing you at our newly renovated spa space.  

What Should I Expect from a Back Facial Session?

Usually, a rejuvenating 60-minute session with us will look something like this: 

  • An enjoyable steaming 
  • Followed by a full cleanse of your back 
  • Next, a skin analysis and discussion 
  • A gentle exfoliation mask
  • If needed, the esthetician will then carefully perform any extractions
  • A customized treatment mask is then applied
  • Finally, a finishing treatment to seal in the hydration

If you think the above sounds wonderful, you’d be right. We’re trained professionals in all of the services, products, and modalities that we offer. That said, our back facials are certainly one of the most popular services our clients enjoy.

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Is There A Recovery Period After A Back Facial?

If there were some physical extractions, there could be some at-home follow-up treatment prescribed for your back. Other than that, just enjoy your new, fresh, and fully rejuvenated feeling. You deserve it!

I Want One; What Are The Next Steps?

When you’re ready, the helpful and professional staff at Maine Plastic Surgery is ready to take your call and book your appointment. Or, if you prefer, you may come and visit our newly renovated facilities and have any and all questions you might have, fully answered.

With 30 years in the profession of surgical and non-surgical procedures, the staff at Maine Plastic Surgery has the experience and continued training to offer our patients the very best in quality care. Located here, in beautiful Portland, Maine, we’re standing by, ready to serve you. 

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More About Dr. Gardenier:

Dr. Gardenier is a Harvard-Trained Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He's held residencies and fellowships at some of the most noteworthy medical institutions on the east coast. This has produced published work in leading scientific journals, which has led to patented breakthroughs for cancer survivors. If you'd like to know more, please visit his profile page. 

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