What Is PRP?

PRP has rapidly become more popular over the last decade. You may associate PRP with “vampire facials” promoted by celebrities or other high-profile figures, but these innovative treatments are available right here in Portland – for everyone. The high concentration of healing compounds can be used to promote a faster recovery after an injury or to trigger new hair growth by reinvigorating your hair follicles. PRP treatments are incredibly versatile and easy to administer, making them one of the fastest-growing non-surgical treatments for natural hair restoration in Portland.

Am I A Candidate For Hair Loss Treatment With PRP?

Virtually anyone can benefit from PRP treatments for hair loss. You may be a candidate if you experience thinning or bald spots as a result of genetics, environmental factors, hormonal changes, or certain medical conditions and want thicker, fuller hair. PRP treatments can only encourage growth in the early stages of balding or hair loss – taking action now can help you ward off more thinning, shedding, or slow the onset of balding.

What Can I Expect From PRP For Hair Loss?

Your treatment starts with a small blood draw. Your blood sample is spun in a centrifuge to separate your anti-aging nutrients and create the PRP concentrate. A numbing cream is applied to the scalp before the PRP is injected into the treatment areas. The treatment takes about one hour to complete, and multiple treatments will likely be needed to achieve optimal results.

PRP Hair Restoration Before & After

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How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Multiple treatments will allow your body to build up the healing compounds in your scalp and further encourage hair growth. The exact number of treatments will vary based on many factors, including:

  • The degree to which your hair is thinning
  • The number of treatment areas
  • Your desired results
  • How quickly your hair responds to treatment

Our knowledgeable surgeons will evaluate your unique situation during your consultation and recommend an individualized treatment plan. After your treatment sessions are complete, treatments every four to six months can help you maintain and enhance your results.

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What Results Can I Expect From PRP For Hair Loss?

It can take approximately six months to start to see results from your hair loss treatments. The new growth will continue to integrate with the rest of your hair, but it can take up to one to two years to see optimal results. Your hair will look thicker and fuller, taking years off your appearance.

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Why Should I Go To Maine Plastic Surgery For PRP Treatments?

Dr. Gardenier is a board-certified general surgeon, and works together with his team to bring artistic talent and years of experience to provide individualized care and attention. We offer a personal touch and compassionate care to every patient. Your journey to hair restoration begins with Maine Plastic Surgery.

PRP Hair Restoration FAQs

What Are The Benefits Of Hair Loss Treatment Using PRP?

Will I Have Visible Scarring From PRP Treatments?

Are Treatments Painful?

How Long Will My Results Last?

What Are The Benefits Of Hair Loss Treatment Using PRP?

By harnessing the power of your body’s growth factors, you do not need additional medications or chemicals. The all-natural aspect of PRP means you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions or other adverse side effects. Your results will look completely natural, and minimal downtime means you won’t have to take time off work after treatments.

Will I Have Visible Scarring From PRP Treatments?

Some other hair restoration procedures involve a harvest site where donor follicles are taken and transplanted in the thinning areas. Depending on the technique used, these surgical procedures can result in a visible scar. However, the non-surgical nature of hair loss treatment using PRP means that you will not live with scars or other side effects.

Are Treatments Painful?

PRP for hair loss has very few side effects. Drawing your blood feels just like a standard blood draw and involves very little pain. Then, numbing cream is applied to your scalp before the injections are administered. The numbing cream reduces discomfort during the procedure, and then minimal discomfort or sensitivity could be felt for 24 to 28 hours following your treatment.

How Long Will My Results Last?

The increased blood flow and growth factors supplied to the hair follicles will eventually begin to return to your pre-treatment levels. Perhaps one of the best aspects of PRP treatments is the ease with which they can be repeated to maintain the presence of growth factors in the area. Maintenance treatments are typically recommended every four to six months, and the procedure is entirely safe to be repeated on an as-needed basis.

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