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Maine Plastic Surgery is thrilled to introduce the Astanza ReSmooth laser spider vein treatment to our range of aesthetic services. Engineered for unparalleled speed, precision, and efficacy, the ReSmooth system ensures remarkable comfort and safety during treatment. Smoother, softer, and vein-free skin can be yours with unparalleled ease and confidence.

Understanding Spider Veins

Vascular lesions refer to visible blood vessels that can be seen through the skin. These harmless lesions typically appear as blood-colored markings, often red or purplish. Common types of vascular lesions include:

  • Spider veins
  • Telangiectasia
  • Port wine stains
  • Hemangioma

While they can develop on various parts of the body, they are particularly prevalent on the face and legs. They may develop naturally due to aging or because of genetics, sun exposure, hormonal changes, and certain medical conditions.

This association with aging and its impact on skin appearance is why laser treatment for vascular lesions has gained popularity as a cosmetic procedure. This non-invasive approach aims to reduce the visibility of these lesions and improve the overall aesthetic of the skin.

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Experience Astanza’s ReSmooth At Maine Plastic Surgery

Astanza Technology's lasers are known for their effectiveness in addressing various vascular lesions. The procedure involves using a diode laser equipped with a vascular handpiece (VAS) to target leg veins, hemangiomas, and other ectatic vessels. Operating at a wavelength range of 940 nm in the near-infrared spectrum, this laser can effectively reach deeper vessels for selective and efficient treatment through hemoglobin absorption. Recovery from the procedure typically involves minimal downtime, and patients can usually resume their regular activities shortly after treatment. Results often show significant improvement in the appearance of vascular lesions, providing patients with smoother, clearer skin.

ReSmooth Benefits

The ReSmooth Laser offers several benefits for treating spider veins, making it a popular choice for patients seeking to address this common vascular issue. For example:

  • The laser treatment is minimally invasive, providing an effective solution for reducing the appearance of spider veins with minimal discomfort and downtime
  • The targeted nature of the laser allows for precise treatment, ensuring that surrounding tissue is not affected
  • ReSmooth promotes collagen production, which can help improve skin texture and tone over time
  • Patients can expect to see noticeable results following a series of treatments, leading to smoother and clearer skin

Am I a Good Candidate For ReSmooth Laser Spider Vein Treatment?

Several factors determine candidacy to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure:

  • Ideal candidates for this treatment typically have visible spider veins on their legs or other areas and are in good overall health
  • It is important for candidates to have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the treatment
  • Additionally, individuals with a history of blood clotting disorders or certain medical conditions may not be suitable candidates for ReSmooth spider vein treatment
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Choose Us For the Best In Laser Spider Vein Treatment

If you're looking to address spider veins and achieve smoother, more even skin, Maine Plastic Surgery is the perfect destination for ReSmooth Spider Vein Laser Treatments. Offering advanced technology ensures precise and effective targeting of spider veins, resulting in smoother and clearer skin for our patients. Additionally, we provide a comfortable and welcoming environment, ensuring all patients feel at ease throughout the treatment process. Take the first step towards achieving your aesthetic goals by booking a consultation with Maine Plastic Surgery today. Our expert team will provide personalized recommendations and create a tailored treatment plan to help you achieve the desired results. Schedule your consultation and take the first step towards renewed confidence and beautiful, vein-free skin.

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