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Achieving a fuller, more feminine silhouette. A Brazilian butt lift beautifully corrects this flaw by elevating and augmenting the buttocks with fat transfer creating a sexier, more youthful aesthetic.

Many patients seek to enhance their buttock profile. Often, young patients desire a fuller buttock silhouette and despite exercise and training they are not able to achieve an optimal result. Aging takes a toll on the body in many ways for example the gradual loss of volume in the buttock area that depletes the figure of its curves, resulting in a flat, sagging shape. Other patients have lost a significant amount of weight resulting in a similar defect.

Advantages of a Brazilian Butt Lift:

  • Creates a more curvaceous, sensual profile
  • Boosts self-image and self-confidence
  • Corrects the issue of depleted fat volume
  • Creates a better fit in swimwear and eveningwear
  • Helps to slim the donor area (when using the fat transfer method)
Brazilian Butt Lift Maine
Brazilian Butt Lift Maine

Dr. Weisberg and Dr. Daniel at Maine Plastic Surgery are among Maine’s most trusted authorities in body sculpting, and are well versed in the fat transfer buttock augmentation technique.

With the fat transfer method of buttock augmentation, donor fat from another area of the body such as the hips, lower back, belly or thighs is extracted via liposuction and purified, then injected into the rear end.

Fat transfer can offer outstanding, natural-looking results, and for this reason is the procedure of choice for our surgeons.


Brazilian Butt Lift Maine

Dr. Weisberg and Dr. Daniel most often perform the Brazilian butt lift procedure under IV sedation. This ensures that the patient is comfortable and relaxed but is also spared many of the risks associated with general anesthesia. Nausea is also greatly reduced with IV sedation.

Who is a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift?

  • Lacks volume in the buttock area due to aging, genetics or weight loss
  • Flat, sagging butt
  • Asymmetric butt cheeks
  • Disproportionate butt
  • Desires a fuller, more alluring figure
  • Is in good health, both mentally and physically
  • Has realistic expectations based on consultation

Dr. Weisberg and Dr. Daniel recommend that clients…

  • Stop smoking at least a month prior to their procedure, as smoking can slow down healing time and present other roadblocks to recovery.
  • Stop all aspirin products about 7 days before their treatment. This will help to reduce blood loss.
  • Abstain from eating and drinking after midnight prior to their office visit.
  • Are not pregnant, and take a pregnancy test on the morning of their procedure.

What can I expect from recovery?

If you have received fat transfer treatment from Dr. Daniel and Dr. Weisberg, it’s important that you follow all his post-op instructions to the letter to ensure that your new fat cells survive and flourish. The surgeons suggest…

  • Resting well and drinking lots of water for 7-10 days
  • Wearing a compression garment around the clock for the first 10-14 days
  • Abstaining from sitting directly on your rear end for 2 weeks
  • Using a cushion for support after week 3
  • Abstaining from driving a vehicle for 2 weeks
  • Taking a few weeks off from work to recover
  • Attending follow up visits with Dr. Weisberg and Dr. Daniel
  • For out of town patients, staying in the Maine area for at least 7 days
Brazilian Butt Lift Maine

Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer does not typically need to be performed more than once, providing the procedure is performed correctly by a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon. Slight fluctuations in weight should not affect the overall look of the enhancement.

If you think you might be interested in undergoing a Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Daniel and Dr. Weisberg, please contact our offices in Portland, Maine today.

The doctors will be delighted to answer all your questions and concerns in detail. They will formulate a customized treatment plan that addresses your hopes for aesthetic improvement and walk you through your procedure from start to finish.

You can also take a look at our library of before and after photographs to get a better idea of what your outcome might look like.

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* Dr. Verne Weisberg is an active member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Inc. Dr. Jarrod Daniel is not an active member of the society.

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