If you are a fan of Botox, you know you’re not alone here in the United States. Now, a new global survey conducted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) has confirmed that you have plenty of company around the world.

Men and women around the globe are putting a stop to and preventing wrinkles. Literally the world is holding back the hands of time with the help of Botox. Among non-surgical procedures Botox is the single most popular aesthetic treatment. According to the survey, in 2015, over 4.5 million Botox injections were performed worldwide.

Women make up the majority of patients. However, it is great to see that more and more men are stepping up to stop the hands of time too. The survey reports that worldwide 4,003,837 women get Botox injections. In 2015 the men number of men electing the injections totaled 623,914.

It should come as no surprise that the United States takes the top spot with 1,141,595 injections, followed by Brazil with 359,865. We are a country that takes pride in preserving our youthful looks and confidence.

For anyone who has been considering Botox treatments, this survey may provide the extra boost of confidence you need to move forward. The beauty of Botox is that the treatment requires little to no downtime and the results are immediate. More good news about Botox is that its uses extend beyond aesthetic plastic surgery. In fact, the ISAPS study reveals that the FDA has approved Botox for the treatment of migraine pain and urinary incontinence, and it is gaining approval to treat other bladder-related issues.

In the wrong hands, Botox injections can be dangerous. You have probably heard of numerous Botox blunders as a result of untrained, unprofessional people administering the injections. It’s always imperative to work with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with any cosmetic procedure for safety and the most desirable effects.

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