If you or someone you know is considering breast augmentation, it is important to realize that, depending on the age you are when you have the procedure, breast implants do not always last a lifetime. And, unfortunately, there’s no way to predict the precise lifespan of a breast implant.

On average, breast implants currently last between ten and twenty-five years. The reason they don’t last forever is because they are man made materials that over time can deteriorate. For this reason, it is also important to schedule yearly check ups with your surgeon after the procedure to make sure your implants remain intact.

Of the choices available, the new, gummy bear silicone implants tend to be more durable than saline implants. Though there is ongoing debate about the safety of silicone versus saline in the event of a leak, saline is considered safer. However, it is important to ask your surgeon to elaborate on these concerns with you prior to the procedure.

While normal wear and tear is to be expected, the most common reason for implant leakage has more to do with the tissues and the surgical decisions than the quality of the implant. Overfilling or under filling the implant is common and causes the shape to change thus making it more prone to leakage. Implants that are the wrong size result in rippling and wrinkling, which is the primary cause of leakage. In addition the implant can be damaged during the surgery. For these reasons, selection of the plastic surgeon is the single most important decision you make.

Research your surgeon thoroughly. Ask for referrals from those you know have had the procedure. Make sure the surgeon you select is board certified and has an excellent reputation for breast augmentation procedures. While the lifespan of a breast implant may be limited, you want to make certain that your confidence and joy after the procedure is unlimited. It hardly matters what material the implant is made of in the wrong hands. But the right material in the right hands will result in an experience you’ll want to share for a lifetime.

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