As age slowly makes its appearance into the face, it often shows up first in the eye region. Frown lines, the elevens, and drooping eyes can make a face look tired, angry or sad. As a result many people schedule a consultant with plastic surgeons thinking they want an eyelift or an eyebrow lift, when very often all that may be required is a forehead lift.

Understanding the Difference Between Eyelift and Forehead Lift.

Often the two phrases are used interchangeably. However, for clarity, I am going to separate the two because in reality they are not the same and the distinctions really should be understood by anyone seeking cosmetic surgery. Very often, though not always, the two procedures are done together resulting in a vibrant, refreshed youthful look.

Eyelift or Blepharoplasty

Eyelift surgery is commonly done to correct eyes that droop and interfere with their vision. Some people are born with droopy eyelids or develop a disease that causes eyelid drooping. And, of course, droopy eyelids do occur as a result of aging.

Blepharoplasty is performed in the creases and folds of the eyelids. An incision is made, excess skin and fatty tissue is removed. The skin is then pulled tight and sutured.  Eyelift surgery does not remove crow’s feet or wrinkles between the eyebrows.

Forehead Lift

A forehead lift procedure is done to correct the effects of aging due to muscle relaxation in the forehead, facial expressions and exposure to wind and sun. Typically a forehead surgical procedure lifts the eyebrows and removes wrinkles and lines in the forehead. Today there are two different kinds of procedures: The classic forehead lift, and endoscopic forehead lift.  The difference is where the incisions are made and how big the incisions are.

Determining which procedure or combination of procedures will give you the results you desire will be done during consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon. Working with a surgical practice offering Vectra 3D Imaging will give you a good idea of the results of any procedure you are considering.





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