We humans have a tendency to see areas of imperfection on our physical forms more readily than we see the overall beauty and magnificence of the human body. And more often than not, it’s the smallest things that are the most bothersome, things that no one else sees until pointed out.

There are five areas on which liposuction works wonders to restore confidence and self-esteem.

The Jawline

Some people have a tendency as they age to develop fatty deposits under the jaw line that creates a “double chin.” Also a sagging jaw line can appear with aging giving one jowls.  Liposuction can slim the jaw line, under the chin and through the upper neck for a thinner, more youthful look.

The Torso

Even if you’ve been thin your entire life, developing fattiness in the back and upper torso is common with age. If you feel embarrassed with those bulging areas, some specific targeted liposuction can contour and eliminate bulges. The result is youthful smoothness and restored confidence.


A graceful ankle is the envy of those who have no defining, elegant transition from calf to ankle. Some people refer to this lack of shape as “cankles.” Liposuction can help create a shapelier ankle and give a huge boost to feeling great about showing off the legs.

The Breasts

Some women may be considering breast reduction when what they really want is just a bit of reshaping and removal of excess fatty tissue. Liposuction provides a subtle reshaping and can remove the excess fat. So instead of major surgery you can achieve a shapely silhouette.

The Male Chest

Many men develop gynecomastia or male breasts with age related hormonal changes. Liposuction can reveal more muscular definition to the male chest for a firmer, more streamlined torso. So you can take that T-shirt off once and for all!

Don’t suffer over the small stuff. Eliminate the frustration you feel over stubborn areas of the body that do not respond to exercise or that have developed as a result of aging. Always work with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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