You’ve been putting it off long enough. The cosmetic procedure you’ve been wanting but have just not been reassured confidently enough about the outcome to proceed. Today, things are different. Technology has given birth to an amazing way to see the future and build the confidence many people need for cosmetic procedures. That’s why we at the Plastic Surgery Center along with a growing number of plastic surgeons are offering Vectra 3D Imaging consultations.


Visualize Your Dream And Watch It Appear

Vectra 3D Imaging offers a true-to-life representation of the final outcome of whatever procedure you desire, surgical and non-surgical.  Through high-resolution three-dimensional photography, you will see the post procedural results on your own face and body.

For instance, if you were going for a breast augmentation, first your body would be photographed. Then, together, you and the surgeon would select various different styles and sizes of implants. You will easily be able to view each one positioned on your body and will be able to view the final result from every perspective and angle.

Whether your dream is to have a smaller or straighter nose, a neck lift or a chin implant, a full facelift, breast reduction or augmentation, tummy tuck or buttock lift, you name it, you can see the results of every procedure on your own face and/or body. Then it’s much easier to feel the magic of looking and feeling your best.

Vectra 3D Imaging is equally amazing for non-surgical procedures like Botox®. The photography is razor sharp, showing the finest details. The surgeon can show you precisely where the injections will be and exactly how smooth and tight your skin will be.


Complete Confidence

Can you imagine feeling absolutely confident in your own skin? Maybe you haven’t felt that way in a long time. Maybe you’ve never felt that way before because of some aspect of your body that you’ve never liked. The dream of sculpting the face and or body to an image that will make your heart sing is closer than ever.

Never before has there been a system so accurate, so precise, so individual. When you can clearly see the you that you’ve been dreaming of, then you can turn your attention to dreaming about and envisioning the details of what your life will be like and how you will feel when you are at your very best. That’s the way we all make things happen, by first seeing them in the mind’s eye.  Now you can see yourself before your very eyes and the next step is even easier. The Vectra 3D Imaging System is the new crystal ball.

As a plastic surgeon, I can say that it is one of the greatest gifts to be able to help people feel better about themselves It is a privilege to hear from so many how they feel a new zest for life, or how they were able to achieve a new goal that formerly felt unattainable as a result of the new confidence they gained from looking and feeling their best.  Our patients at the Plastic Surgery Center have been so excited with the addition of the Vectra 3D Imaging Consultations. It is my sincere desire that anyone who has hesitated to have a cosmetic procedure done due to lack of confidence in the postoperative results will give themselves the gift of a Vectra 3D Imaging Consultation. Of course, the 3D Imaging does not replace the artistry and experience of the surgeon. Always interview and work with a plastic surgeon whose work you admire and with whom you feel absolutely comfortable and confident.

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