Is your high school or college student considering a procedure such as rhinoplasty or otoplasty? Right now is the perfect time to begin interviewing surgeons and getting on the calendar for a procedure this summer.

Plan to interview surgeons and schedule consultations as soon as possible. Their summer surgical schedules fill up quickly. Scheduling the surgical procedures early in the summer months affords ample recovery time and gives students time to join in and enjoy some summer fun.

Heading back to school in the fall will be exciting for them with a new sense of confidence afforded by a subtle change in their looks.

Otoplasty or ear-pinning surgery requires a relatively short recovery period. There are no stitches after the surgery and the only requirement is that the patient is required to wear a headband at night for a week or two to prevent any pulling or folding of the ears. Taking precautions is also advisable when at the beach or the pool and when playing sports.

With Rhinoplasty surgery, the recovery times vary depending on what type of surgery is required. If the bones in the nose must be modified, the recovery time could be a little longer. In most cases a week after surgery the splint will be removed and besides a little swelling most people will not be aware that anything has been done to the nose.

Remember, teens must be 16 years old minimum for rhinoplasty surgery while for otoplasty the minimum age is eight years old. Selecting the right surgeon to perform your child’s surgery is of utmost importance. The patient care coordinator at The Plastic Surgery Center Schedule will be happy to discuss the details of your child’s desired procedure and schedule a consultation so this summer can be one where their dream becomes reality.



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