Without question all eyes will be on the bride as she walks down the aisle. But you can be certain before and after that moment everyone on the groom’s side will be looking at all the relatives of the bride and vice versa. And the pictures from the wedding day will be an everlasting memento of how everyone looked on the big day.

Wedding days are the most important days when everyone wants to put his and her best face forward. Photographs will be taken of the family of the bride and the groom as well as the entire wedding party. It’s no wonder that prior to wedding season, which begins in late May/early June, is one of the busiest times for plastic surgeons.

Plan Well in Advance 

One thing that too many people lose sight of is the appropriate amount of time to plan for a procedure to look spectacular for wedding day. Inevitably someone comes in just a few weeks before the big event and they want procedures from which they will not heal in time. All surgical procedures and many non-surgical treatments must be performed 6 to 8 weeks in advance of the wedding.

New Skin Cells Require 21 Days to Turn Around

This very fact should be enough convince you to set your goal for picture perfect skin, lips, eyes, chins, and necks well in advance. It takes three full weeks for skin cells to turn around. It takes several weeks to a month for swelling to subside depending on the procedure. And should cold sores break out on your lips or a small bit of tweaking or autocorrecting need to be done, you’ll want to have the luxury of time.

Lips, Eyes, Neck, Décolleté, and Make-up

Very often a new bride may want a little more fullness in the lips. Maybe members of her wedding party will use this event as an excuse to get a Botox injection or a Thermi-Smooth treatment. We have had entire wedding parties that make cosmetic treatments and make-up for pre-wedding photo sessions and the day of, part of the actual wedding plan.

Don’t Forget the Father of the Bride

The mother of the bride has no problem considering a procedure prior to either her daughter or son’s wedding. However, let’s not forget that Dad wants to look his best too. A little bit of work around the eyes, neck or chin can make dad feel like a million bucks as he proudly walks his daughter down the aisle or watches as his son enters this new phase of life. Kybella is a non-surgical procedure, very popular with men, that works wonder on the chin area.

Work With a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

You now understand the importance of planning well in advance. Here’s the second secret to looking your absolute best. Always work with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. It’s imperative to work with a surgeon whose work you admire. Remember, the photos will be a reminder of how well you chose!

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