Are you considering breast augmentation in the upcoming New Year? Perhaps you’ve been intrigued by the Anatomical Gummy Bear Implants. If so, please be extra careful in selecting your surgeon.

This statement from CBI, (Cohesive Breast Implant) an organization dedicated to providing reliable breast implant information says it all. “Though the new technology in cohesive implants is very exciting, your final result will be affected more by your surgeon than your implant.” (

Diligence Is Key

Working with the gummy bear implants requires a depth of experience and skill that many plastic surgeons have not acquired. In fact, in the U.S. these implants have been available only to a very limited group of physicians.

Another reason to be especially diligent in selecting your surgeon is that some manufacturers will sell their implants, as CBI states, “to any doctor, whether or not they are actually plastic surgeons.”(  They also state that, “The most reputable manufacturers will only sell their breast implants to real plastic surgeons – those certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.”

The Beauty of The Gummy Bear Implants

Replicating the shape of a natural breast, the Mentor Anatomical Gummy Bear implants are beautiful. Because they are thinner at the top, when placed correctly they feather out across the chest smoothly, allowing the bottom of the breast to form a beautiful teardrop shape with the fullness at the bottom.

The Mentor Anatomical Gummy Bear Implant with Level III Gel offers greater longevity and predictability of outcome. They are often referred to as highly cohesive implants. What that means is that the gel is more stable and less likely to redistribute or change its shape. In addition, the likelihood of the implant folding once in place is minimal to non-existent and there is much less of a chance of leakage. All of this adds up to greater longevity and peace of mind for you.

Cohesive and Highly Cohesive

Therein lies the difference between cohesive and highly cohesive implants. Be sure to specify this difference when speaking with any surgeon you interview. The highly cohesive implant’s filler is thick enough to allow the implant to maintain a shape. The Mentor Anatomical Gummy Bear implant is highly cohesive, while other types of implants do not hold their shape. Of course if your preference is the rounded top of traditional implants, that style is also available in a highly cohesive model.

Again, I cannot emphasize the importance of selecting a reputable surgeon who has worked with the Mentor Anatomical Gummy Bear Implants successfully. Do your research thoroughly.

See the Results of Your Implants Before You Decide

At The Plastic Surgery Center, not only do we have in-depth experience with the Gummy Bear Implant, we also offer Vectra 3D Imaging consultations so our patients can see precisely which implant shape and size will work best on their bodies.  Whether you are considering this procedure for medical reasons or to achieve the look you’ve always dreamed of, make certain you have the absolute highest degree of confidence in the surgeon you select.

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