After a person has had a well-executed forehead lift procedure, most people have a difficult time pinpointing the difference. Colleagues and acquaintances know something has changed. The person may get questions like: “Did you get a new haircut?” “Are you wearing new make-up?” “ “Something’s different, you look so rested, so refreshed!”

Look Refreshed, Awake, Youthful

In certain people, the facial muscles relax into expressions that make them appear to be angry, tired or sad all the time. These types of expressions can be misread and misinterpreted by strangers, often resulting in hurtful interactions in social situations. And, most people, as a result of aging, exposure to the sun, wind and other elements in the environment, lose elasticity in the forehead muscles and around the eyes.

A forehead lift results in a subtle, yet refreshed and youthful look. Often referred to as a brow lift, this procedure is becoming more and more popular as a result of the dramatic yet subtle effects as well as the more permanent nature of the end results. When the forehead is lifted, the upper brow and upper eye area are also lifted.
A forehead lift can smooth out deep wrinkles between the brows and across the forehead. Often fine lines around the eyes are also eliminated. And, when combined with a blepharoplasty (eyelift) procedure the appearance is even more appealing.

Better Than Bangs, More Permanent Than Botox.

Let’s face it even though bangs are trendy right now not everyone looks good with them – especially men! And, when scheduling your regular Botox appointments becomes an inconvenience, a more permanent solution is called for.

Typically a forehead lift takes one and a half to two hours and is performed under IV sedation or twilight anesthesia. The most current forehead lift is called endoscopic surgery where several small incisions are placed just behind the hairline. A scope is used to assist in the surgery. In the right patient this procedure results in less risk of numbness and scarring while having a faster recovery. Other techniques use longer incisions to lift the brow. The surgeon will determine the location or placement of the incision after examining you and discussing the various options. While all the various procedures will raise the brow and smooth the forehead, some can even lower a high hairline and improve facial balance and harmony.

Change Your Expression. Change Your Life.

While only those closest to you need to know if you’ve had a forehead lift procedure, others can be left guessing. And people you’ll be meeting for the first time will only see you as vibrant, youthful, always refreshed in appearance. When unpleasant expressions etch themselves into the face giving off an unfavorable appearance, self-confidence can be adversely affected. A forehead lift may be the simplest, most amazing solution.

Simply take a two-week vacation in order to have the procedure and recover from the light swelling and bruising. That way you can certainly offer a welcome vacation as the cause of your newly refreshed look!

At the Plastic Surgery Center, we customize our consultations to your desired need. We always provide examples of other patients’ results to help you visually see possible solutions. Our goal is to educate and support you in making your decision.

Always work with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Ask for recommendations if you know someone who has had the procedure done with results you admire. Schedule consultations only with those surgeons whose work comes highly recommended.

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