When considering cosmetic surgery procedures you may want to think about combining multiple procedures simultaneously. With the advances in surgical techniques and greater safety, this is becoming a more common practice than in previous years. For instance, a breast lift or augmentation might be combined with a tummy tuck. Today, there are more benefits to having multiple plastic surgery procedures at a time than ever before.

Go Under Anesthesia Once Instead of Multiple Times.

A single surgery means going under anesthesia just once, which can reduce your risk for anesthesia-related complications. Most surgical complications arise during the time you are going under the anesthesia or coming out of it. Going under once means stress on the body is greatly reduced. The fact is that in most cases, the extended surgical time does not cause any additional complications, making the combined procedure a safer approach for many patients.

A Single Recovery Period

Most surgeries require a recovery period afterward to allow your body time to heal. For some procedures, the recovery time is relatively short, while others may take a number of weeks before you are ready to return to work and regular activities. When combining procedures, you only have to endure one recovery period, which is a real time saver. That means less time off from work and other activities.

Lower Cost

By combining procedures, you can significantly save on costs by reducing costs like the use of the operating room and the anesthesiologist fees. Whenever you can save money while achieving your goals, go for it.

Enjoy Dramatic Results 

While the idea of multiple procedures at one time may seem daunting, the ability to achieve multiple goals in a single surgery can be far more satisfying in the long run. Once you have recovered from your procedure, you will see significant changes to your appearance that will typically be long lasting and even permanent. Be sure to work with an experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. And remember not all procedures work will together. Speak with your surgeon about the specific procedures you desire.



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