Widely accepted pretty much worldwide today, plastic surgery has made enormous strides into the youngest and most mature age groups. No longer just for women 50+, plastic surgery has found a place in the lives of men and women of every age. Not only that, it is becoming a growing trend for couples to come in for consultations to get procedures together.

Staying Youthful and Beautiful Together

The trend begins at an early age. Couples as young as 20 are coming in for Botox and fillers. Just a few years ago, this age group came into the plastic surgeon’s office for a rhinoplasty or breast augmentation consultation. While those are still popular procedures in this age group, there is a growing presence of young couples getting procedures together.

At the first sign of a wrinkle or line around the eyes or on the forehead, the girlfriend comes in for Botox and the boyfriend may simply be there for moral support. Before you know it, the boyfriend is in the chair next to his girlfriend, just to try it out. That’s how it typically starts. Then they begin scheduling their next treatments before they leave the office.

Partners Through Thick and Thin

The childhood “kissing” song says it best: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage.” What comes soon after during the mid-to-late 30’s is mom wishing she could get back her slender pre-baby figure.

Women longing for their pre-pregnancy shapes and weights have given rise to and driven the popularity of the “Mommy Makeover.” This combination of breast lift and/or augmentation along with a tummy tuck and perhaps a bit of liposuction helps mom look and feel her best.

It didn’t take too long for the men to catch on. After seeing the transformation of mom, dads started wondering about getting rid of love handles and that potbelly that just didn’t seem to respond to endless sit-ups. Men want to look youthful and feel good just as much as women do. This desire has led to the “Daddy Do-Over.” Dad typically gets liposuction on love handles and abdomen to highlight muscle definition.

In the case of the Mommy Makeover and Daddy Do-over, couples must get their procedures separately. So the question is usually who will go first. Any gentleman knows that ladies always go first!

Mature Maintenance

By the time couples reach the 40’s they start seeing lines setting in around the eyes and the upper eyelids begin to droop a little. Not quite time for a facelift, but both men and women feel a little facial freshening would help them maintain a healthy and youthful appearance. If they haven’t started getting Botox treatments, this is the time couples will turn to this and other fillers.

This is an age when both men and women are at their peak professionally and want to avoid the downtime associated with a full facelift. However both partners may opt for an eyelift or blepharoplasty since the eyelid area tends to show signs of aging first. This is great to rejuvenate a career as well, when younger colleagues are perceived as being more enthusiastic and capable. A facial rejuvenation can help extend a professional career.

The Age of Grace

Today, couples in the 60+-age group whether they have been getting Botox or filler treatments or not, are now considering face and neck lifts. This is the time of life when kids are getting married or the couple may be getting re-married or celebrating a big wedding anniversary. It’s also a time when couples have more time, they may be retired and not have to be concerned about the downtime required for a full surgical procedure.

This is a time of celebration for most couples. For those that have been married for decades, they have many things to celebrate. Successfully raising children, completions of productive careers being among many other reasons. Sometimes plastic surgery is a gift to one or the other partners.

The boost in confidence plastic surgery provides at this time for couples can be an extraordinary and deeply bonding experience to carry them through whatever lies ahead. However, just because couples plastic surgery is trending, each person must make the decision for him or herself. And each person must go through an individual consultation.

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