Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery is one of the most popular mini cosmetic procedures that can make a dramatic difference in your appearance. A straightforward eyelid lift can generally be done in under an hour as an outpatient procedure with general anesthesia and requires a relatively short time frame for healing.


Today, many people elect a series of mini procedures over the course of time as a preventative form of defying age instead of waiting for the more definitive signs of aging that demand a major rejuvenation. In addition, if you were born with eyes that naturally droop or look sad, an eyelift procedure will easily correct that look along with puffy eye conditions.


During eyelid surgery, the excess skin and muscle and any protruding fat are removed. The resulting scar on the upper eyelid usually is hidden in the crease formed when the eyelid opens. The extension of the scar to the side usually is camouflaged as a fine line that naturally occurs around the eyes like laugh lines. These fine lines, while they can be softened and diminished in a cosmetic procedure, cannot be eradicated permanently.

Consider an Eyelift for a Quick Age-Defying Pick Me Up or to Correct One or More of These Problems:


1.  Under-eye hollows: Under-eye hollows are caused by loss of fat or fat bulging above the eye hollow due to weakening support structures that hold fat in place.

In many people, the eyes are often the first part of the face to fall prey to visible signs of aging, and changes in facial volume are one of the biggest causes.


2.  Under-eye bags: Caused by fat collecting under the eye, under-eye bags are caused by too much volume or weakening of tissues over the fat, which causes it to bulge. Some people are prone to an accumulation of fat under the eyes, and these bags can be improved through lower eyelid surgery, either by itself or in conjunction with a facelift.


3.  Sad or Sleepy Eyes: To correct sad eyes (where the outer corner of the eye is turned downward), canthoplasty or canthopexy techniques can be used during upper or lower eyelid surgery to gently reposition the tendons of the eyelid to a more natural, lateral and alert position.


4. Eyelid Droop: Droopy eyelids, which get more pronounced with age, can be corrected with a blepharoplasty to remove excess skin and/or fat on the upper lids and bags on the lower lids.


Recovery Time


One of the welcome aspects of an eyelid procedure is that most healing generally takes about two weeks. In fact, some people return to work the following day wearing sunglasses. However, if you schedule the procedure over a one-week vacation, you may be able to return to work wearing eye-make up and no one will be the wiser. They will, however, notice that you look more rested, refreshed and thoroughly rejuvenated.


Always schedule an in-depth consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss all aspects of the procedures. Only work with a surgeon you feel comfortable with and completely trust to accomplish your desired look. In the long run, the use of mini-procedures can break the perception of age barriers, extending the appearance of youth beyond typical expectations.


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